e-ticaret paket

e-Commerce Website

With the effect of the pandemic, the e-commerce market gained momentum. With the development of payment systems, all sectors around the world started to take their place in the e-commerce market. You can safely sell your products on your own site.

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kurumsal paket

Corporate Website

If you want to take part in the digital world, you first need a corporate web project that accurately describes your brand. We design and write your brand by accurately identifying the needs of the industry. We create web projects that do not lag behind the industry. What you need is just a click away. 

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SEO Service

A significant portion of users surf the internet through search engines. 90 percent of people click on the sites they see on the first or second page after entering the words they are looking for in search engines. This is the real reason SEO exists. In SEO, the goal is to rank higher in web browsers with better optimization and as a result, you have access to the secret of attracting more new visitors to your website.

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Artificial Dream

Artificial Dream

We design the future with VR Technology. You will achieve your dreams with the new generation mobile application and web-based interface. Our application, which you can use in various ways in different sectors, takes you on a journey to an artificial dream. 
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PazarYeri Entegrasyon Paketi

Woo Marketplace Integration

Our cost-effective marketplace integration package has been prepared for you to gather brands in your market. You can examine our marketplace integration package, where you can sell on a sector-based or a combination of various sectors. 

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Uyum Entegrasyonu logo 2 - LLCSOFT projesidir.

Harmony İntegration

We take charge of your e-commerce site that you have developed or want to develop. Our service is provided by our Web Development Specialist, Graphic Design Specialist and Server Specialist crew. All you have to do is develop your products and manage your accounts.

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Recently, exports have reached a very important point. We design completely export-oriented e-commerce sites for you. In order to expand abroad, it is enough to have an e-export web project. For detailed information, you can press the get information button

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web sitesi teknik destek

Website Technical Support

Our website technical support package is a monthly technical support package with expert teams behind you for your e-commerce or corporate web projects. Within the scope of this package, you can reach our expert web developer crew and easily find instant solutions to your problems.
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sunucu teknik destek

Server Technical Support

We host your websites on secure servers located in the USA or Turkey. We are at your side with support packages that offer different options you need within the system. Opening and closing mail are at the top of these supports.

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Business e-Mail Paketleri

Business e-Mail Packages

Our business e-mail package is an e-mail package that corporate brands need, such as info, information, and help. We open your corporate e-mails in a system with a high space capacity. In this way, our mailbox is full in a short time and we open a clean page on technical problems.

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SSL sertifikası

SSL Certificate

Security Certificate is one of the indispensable needs today. Our certificate package, which shows that a website is safe and navigable, equips web projects with a secure certificate. In this way, your customers can navigate your website with peace of mind.

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Web Sitesi Güvenlik Paketi

Website Security Package

Today, there are many black-collar hackers who write malware and try to break the security of sites. Or malicious users who want to harm your website. You can use your sites safely with the website security package prepared to protect your site at the best level possible. Moreover, you can access retrospective 30-day backups.

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soft özel tasarım

Soft Custom Design

Our Soft Custom Design package is prepared as a boutique by our crews that make original designs away from patterns. By preparing designs suitable for your brand's needs and vision, you get different interfaces from other ready-made template designs.

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İçerik paketi logo

Content Pack

You publish your brand or products in the web world. In a sense, you are opening a store in the virtual world. Do you think it is important in which country, city, district, street, or country this store is located on ? ÜYou will need articles that accurately describe your products and you. This is exactly where we help you. For this, we are working with the Boutique Content brand, which is part of our team. We are a strong family. We have expert engineers and writers to meet all your needs in the digital world. 

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You can perform organizational work within the company. You can enable your customers to follow your work by giving them a special username and password. Depending on the features of the server you choose, you can make larger organizations. You can do teamwork. You can create many panels such as customer panel, admin panel, etc., and add special features for you. You can organize your files.

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Big Data Analysis

Digital marketing analysis reporting from big data sources.

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